Most Sales Training Programs Are A Waste of Money – Here’s Why!

Many sales people, sales managers and corporate executives who have invested in sales and sales management training have been frustrated with the results. In many cases, after spending tens of thousands of dollars on sales training programs, there was no positive change in behavior or no measurable improvement in sales results.Will Your Sales or Sales Management Training Programs Succeed? Probably Not. Here’s Why!The methods of the training program itself is the main reason for these expensive failures, not the size of the investment or the skill level of the students As reported in Dale’s study, the average person forgets 90% of what they hear in a lecture based training program. Yet most sales and sales management training seminars still consist of only programs given around a board room table.Lectured based sales training is the same as inviting a “facilitator” to speak to your professional baseball team, and then sending them into the game expecting them to win. Can that really happen, just because you hired some expert to talk about how the game should be played? Ridiculous, isn’t it? So why then do so many organizations believe they can train their sales people by sending them to sales training courses where they only listen to a lecture for a few hours and expect them to be quota busters when they get back to their desks on Monday morning?Think about it. Students can’t learn everything about sales all at once. Training is much more effective when it takes place over time and when it builds on previous skills already mastered. Sales is a process that can be repeated, but no one ever learned to play the violin in one afternoon.The second reason many sales training seminars don’t succeed is that the purchaser doesn’t know what it is exactly that he needs to get out of the training course In other words, they don’t have any clear goals or objectives. What is it that you want to achieve from your sales or sales management training course? Are you struggling in one specific area of the sales process where you need concentration?Since no two sales or sales management training seminars are created equal, you must know exactly what your goals and objectives are before you make any purchases. You must also know what particular competences you wish to acquire by completing the training.Don’t act too quickly however. Focusing on the symptoms of the issues will not fix the real issues themselves. For example, is it that you are not making the required number of prospecting calls to be successful, or is it that your prospecting approach itself is not effective? Is one of your issues that you are not asking the right questions in your fact find meetings, or is it that you are not [meeting with the right|are meeting with the wrong] person in the first place?By knowing why most sales training courses fail, you can avoid the common mistakes before you invest, and you can make a wise buying decision for you and your sales team.Aim Higher!Susan A. Enns, B2B Sales Connections